How to Prepare and Deliver a Powerful Presentation: A Workshop by Tracie Marquardt

Join Tracie Marquardt for a presentations workshop held by the IHK Rhein-Neckar, Mannheim Branch.

Workshop Details

How to Prepare and Deliver a Powerful Presentation

To create a successful presentation today, you need an effective storyline, compelling content, and a deep understanding of what motivates your audience. It means taking your audience on a journey that enables them to see, feel and believe in the value of the change to come. From today’s status quo to tomorrow’s possibilities: It is time to create positive change in your organization and the world around you.

  • As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Connect with the audience so key messages resonate and inspire
  • Develop a compelling concept and storyline with content that moves the audience to action
  • Plan and structure clear, persuasive and effective argumentation
  • Arrange slide content to in a way that ensures  the audience focuses on the presenter not the slides
  • Deliver a presentation in an authentic, confident and persuasive manner that creates a dialogue with the audience.

This workshop is practical and interactive. Participants will learn Tracie’s proven techniques and strategies, get personal feedback, resolve challenges with their current presentation and enhance their presentation skills. Become an expert at persuading your audience to take action once they leave your presentation, as that is where the journey really begins.

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Stop Paying Lip Service and Start Empowering Your Team

Coaching. In most companies, we sit down with our manager once a year to discuss past performance. If we’re lucky, it’s twice a year. Part of the process is setting a few goals, some of which we can influence, and some (or most) of which we cannot.

Is that really the best way to help your team grow and develop into (even more) valuable employees that actively and measurably contribute to the success of your organization?

For the last four months, I’ve been teaching and working with an international team of internal auditors in the financial industry on the topic of coaching. So far, 120 auditors have been through the training program here in Europe, the US, and in Asia.

This team of auditors is being empowered by senior management, through the training, to improve their communication skills. Perhaps not unusual in itself.

What is unusual is that the new annual performance goals of training participants will include using the coaching methodology in their roles as managers. These participants are senior auditor managers within their teams, and after the training, are required to implement the coaching methodology in their discussions with their direct reports. (Yeah!)

The coaching method we worked with is GROW, which is co-created by Sir John Whitmore. Find out more from his best-selling book Coaching for Performance.

GROW is much more ‘ask’ than ‘tell’. It relies on the strategy, questioning and listening skills of the coach.

The beauty of GROW is that it enables a coach to empower their staff to identify the desired goal and the steps necessary to achieve that goal. Your staff is then accountable and responsible for the resulting transformation. And that is empowering!

Empower YOUR team to achieve next-level results. Focus on their communication skills. Focus on transformational coaching. Focus on transforming results from good to great.

To find out more, contact me here on my website or through LinkedIn.

All the best,

Tracie Marquardt

Quality Assurance Communication

Want to Be More Successful? Start Here.

When I write about getting better results from your business reports, I usually write about knowing your audience, having a structure, linking your argumentation, and writing value-added, action-oriented recommendations. Those are some of the main ingredients for sure. But they aren’t the only ingredients.

The truth is, getting better results from your business reports starts way before the research, analysis and writing. It begins with successful business relationships.

I haven’t lost my mind. You see, I work with two truths every day:

  1. Your report is your business card.
  2. Relationships are a cornerstone to success.

So what does one have to do with the other?

I believe that to be successful in business (and in life), you must build and nurture relationships. I’m talking about all relationships. Relationships with clients, colleagues, senior management in your organization, within your network, and with those you come into contact with every day in your professional life.

Yes, I’m including the person who empties your trash at work, the guy who hands you your coffee in the coffee shop, and the IT Hotline representative who keeps your printer functioning long after the warranty has run out.

Every single person we interact with, every conversation, email, call or meeting is a reflection of and on us. It’s an opportunity to listen, to help, to learn and to create.

Build relationships, and you will build bridges to:

  • Knowledge, because we can ask people for opinions, references, sources, ideas and feedback.
  • Agreement, because when we understand, trust and respect each other, we place more value on each other and our work products.
  • Action, because when we present our results, we have the opportunity to create positive impact, to influence outcomes, and to inspire others.

Building strong business relationships starts with you: your communication skills, your behavior and your reactions to situations. It means sharing knowledge and helping others willingly, with little or no expectation of something directly in return. It means engaging, caring, trusting and respecting.

Success in relationships is the foundation. Business reports are the work product. Better results are the outcome.

All the best,

Tracie Marquardt

This post originally appeared on Quality Assurance Communication.