My Top 5 Communication Techniques and Strategies for Content Creation

Top 5 Techniques & Strategies for Content Creation by Tracie Marquardt

It’s hard to believe the year is almost half over… it seems like it was just winter. Here we are though, summer tires on our cars, the kids on school holiday (again), and gardens blooming with color. It’s a perfect time to take stock of our communication skills and fill in any gaps.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of my top 5 communication techniques and strategies for content creation and added links to my previous articles so you can drill-down for more detail.

1. Know Your Audience

Tailor your content by putting yourself in your audience’s shoes. Figure out what they need to know and give it to them in a way that is easy for them to take decisions, make recommendations, and then take action.

Knowing Your Audience is Key to Your Success


2. Avoid the So-What Syndrome

There are some simple things you can do to avoid the So-What Syndrome: Interpret data and charts for your audience, link your arguments to show cause and effect, and ask for explicit action to be taken. Doing these things will help keep your audience attentive, and if executed with skill, should help you achieve your desired result.

How to Avoid the So What Syndrome and Get Results


3. Ask yourself WHY

Test your analysis and reasoning by asking yourself ‘Why?’ as you review your conclusions and related support. You’ll ensure your arguments are grounded. Then ask ‘Why?’ as you review each of your recommendations, to ensure they fill the gap you identified in your analysis.

5 Strategic Reasons to Asky Why (And Get Better Results)


4. Critically Review Your Document

Ensure the content of your document is relevant, factual and appropriate. Don’t forget to include the impact on the business because it usually helps persuade others to see our point of view. In addition, consider how your key messages will be received by the others. You’ll want to make sure your tone is appropriate and doesn’t cause your target audience to be offended.

I’m Writing to Apologize for My Last Email


5. Create Presentation Slides That Support Your Key Messages

Ensure your presentation slides are crisp, clear, concise and meaningful, and keep your audience’s attention on YOU and your key messages. Top techniques and tools for mastering slide creation include having only one key message per slide, choosing meaningful images in context, and using callout boxes to highlight your key messages.

11 Smart Slide Creation Techniques Your Audience Will Thank You For


What are your go-to techniques and strategies for creating amazing content in your documents and presentations? Let me know in the comments below.

All the best,

Tracie Marquardt

Quality Assurance Communication


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