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Since 2002, I have helped international professionals living in Europe to be more successful in their business communication so that they can achieve better results. I offer Communication Skills Training, Coaching and Consulting to companies and individuals who need to take their communication to the next level. Whether it is audit reports, scientific reports, Proposals, marketing material, and emails, or presentations and speeches for internal audiences or external events. Learn more:

Tracie Marquardt Founder Quality Assurance Communication

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Tracie Marquardt

Quality Assurance Communication, Dossenheim, Germany


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Tracie Marquardt

I've been living outside of my home country for over 20 years. I've lived in 3 countries and 10 cities. Falling in love with Paris is what led me to Europe (and I go back often). I think Germany is an amazing country, and a great hub from which to travel to the rest of Europe. I started my own business in the Heidelberg region in 2013. My mission is helping international professionals communicate their key messages clearly and concisely in English. I believe that language and culture are huge factors in the success of our communication, and must be taken into account when we interact with and build relationships with others. By networking together from around the world, we are able to build bridges, add value to each others lives, and I hope, contribute to each others success in life, no matter how that success is defined. So let's get started!